Soli-Tone gives you an ergonomic wrap around facial panel that houses 400 Extreme Super Luminous Diodes. It curves around the face and neck, 2 inches above you.  Visible results are achieved with the first treatment.  Six to ten treatments are suggested for a lasting result.

Two treatment modes: LumiLift and LumiFacial

LumiLift is the only application on the market that combines light therapy, micronized currents and HF Polarized currents to provide greatly enhanced treatments to rejuvenate the skin from the lowest layers upward.

LumiLift includes four high-tech lifting and smoothing electrodes using our multi-platform technology.

  • Photo rejuvenation for collagen production the red Extreme Super Luminous Diodes (ESLDs ) (not 10 like others). These LEDs are a new advanced technology.  Very relaxing with no pain
  • Blue ESLDs improves acne prone skin through it’s purifying properties
  • Green ESLDs reduces dark pigmentation by penetrating the basal layer.
  • Yellow lights treat redness and are also used for soothing, draining and detoxifying. Absorbed by the body fluids, it improves the lymph and blood circulatory system.


The Soli-Tone gives fast muscle firming with deep micronized current product infusion.  Photo rejuvenation is achieved at the same time. The LumiFacial and LumiLift functions offer pre-programmed settings and a wide variety of programs to effectively treat and extended range of skin conditions.

The Soli-Tone is fully upgradeable.  This means, as technology advances, new programs can be added.  The Soli-tone will neverbe obsolete.

Clients and patients say it is better than laser, oxygen, injections and lower powered photo rejuvenation machines. Fast results!!

High-tech Face Lift – Laser Therapy for Skin


 LED Treatments – Through Deep Penetrating Light